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Joe Gans

Explore our efforts to ensure that Joe Gans's contributions to the sport of boxing, the city of Baltimore, and the African American community are remembered and celebrated for generations to come.

The "Old Master" Monument Initiative 

Joe Gans

United States

Postal Stamp

Joe Gans Digital Archives

Joe Gans 150th


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The "Old Master" Monument Initiative

One of our primary preservation initiatives is the establishment of a monument dedicated to Joe Gans. This monument will serve as a lasting tribute to his achievements and legacy, providing a physical space for the community to honor his memory.


Maquette Design & Production

Fundraising Goal $25,000

Phase 1 (Maquette Design & Production) begins with thorough research into Gans' life, achievements, and significance to both Baltimore and the world of boxing. Collaborating with historians, artists, and community members, and renowned sculptor, Toby Mendez, the project team will develop a conceptual design that captures the essence of Gans' character and contributions. The project team will then work with selected sculptor, Toby Mendez to develop preliminary sketches and mock-ups for iterative feedback and refinement.

The approved maquette design will then be presented to stakeholders for approval, ensuring alignment with project goals and objectives. Once approved, the maquette will be fabricated by sculptor, Toby Mendez and set the stage for the creation of the official, bronze, Joe Gans statue.


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Commemorate Joe Gans:
A Postal Stamp Initiative

Join us in commemorating the life and legacy of Joe Gans, Baltimore's native son and the first African American World Boxing Champion, with a special postal stamp initiative. Joe Gans was a trailblazer in the world of boxing, breaking barriers and inspiring generations with his remarkable achievements. Now, we have the opportunity to honor his contributions to the sport and society by advocating for a postal stamp in his honor.

How You Can Help!

Your involvement is crucial in advocating for this meaningful tribute to Joe Gans. You can contribute to the Joe Gans postal stamp initiative by taking action in several ways:

1. Consider writing a letter to the Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee, expressing your support for commemorating Joe Gans with a postal stamp.

2. Help raise awareness by sharing information about the initiative to your social media platforms.

3. Reach out to your local postal service representatives to advocate for the issuance of the Joe Gans postal stamp.

4. We invite you to participate in our Joe Gans 150th Celebration events, where we will set up letter-writing stations and provide free mailing opportunities.


We have provided sample language and a fully prepared letter template for your convenience, which you can simply download, print and sign.
All letters should be sent by mail to the address below:

Stamp Development
Attn: Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee
475 L'Enfant Plaza SW, Room 3300
Washington, DC 20260-3501

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