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About Us

Our Mission

Corner Team, Inc. uses Olympic-style boxing to strengthen core competencies that support academic success, inspire healthy and active lifestyles, and build strong communities of engaged citizens.



Youth Council

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Sara Artes

Co-Founder/Acting Executive Director


Noah Miller

Assistant Coach


Latik McNeil

Community Leadership Coach


Savannah Thompson

Programs Administrator


Kevin Lee

Assistant Coach


Brent Hudson

Community Leadership Coach


Abdul Hadi Winder

Head Boxing Coach


Sara Cadet

Strength/Conditioning Trainer/Coach

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Troy Weston

Boxing Coach


Lydell Fletcher

Assistant Coach

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Sarah Powell

AfroHeat Dance Coach

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Lamont Medley

Assistant Coach

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D'Juan Nash

Literacy & Leadership Coach


Board of Directors

Miller Roberts, III

Board President


With more than 25 years of operations management experience and leadership across business and civic engagements, Miller J. Roberts, III brings an entrepreneurial spirit to giving underserved communities brighter futures. Throughout his career in the public and private sector, he’s built successful programs that help businesses thrive, encourage civic engagement, and help enterprising young minds achieve their full potential in career pathways where minorities are underrepresented. His experience with dynamic organizations ranging across higher education, non-profit endeavors, and publishing has given him the expertise in inspiring people and aligning resources around a common goal.

D'Juan Nash

Board Member

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Interested in joining the Team? Explore our job openings, internship opportunities, Board of Director and volunteer roles.

Shamara Thomas

Board Member


Shamara Thomas, is an aspiring clinical Social Worker in her final year of grad school at Morgan State University, completing her Master of Social Work with a concentration in Urban Youth and Families. Shamara is a Baltimore native, and has been involved in community revitalization and outreach for the past 5 years serving in several capacities such as community outreach coordinator for Central Baltimore Partnership, constituent services director for City Council - District 12, facilitation of community gatherings, and volunteering at several local community events. She currently works as a mental health counselor for an outpatient mental health organization Lifting Stigmas, Changing Lives. Shamara has a passion to serve her hometown of Baltimore city, particularly its youth. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends. "I am thrilled to be a part of Corner Team's board and am happy to assist in any way that I can." 

Landon White

Board Member


Bio coming soon...

Becky Thomson

Board Member


Becky is a retired BCPSS teacher and school librarian with a special interest in non profit organizations serving Baltimore City young people.  She chairs Corner Team's Development Committee and can be found weeding the pollinator gardens, creating budgets for grant submissions, and coordinating all the moving parts for Jazz @ Ringside and Champion's Ball, Corner Team's two major fundraising events. Becky believes that Corner Team's model for youth programming is both replicable, scalable and incredibly cost effective.  She is very proud to be part of an organization that has so many incredibly hard working volunteers that keep Corner Team moving forward in its mission to serve young people and their families.

Jeromie Williams

Board Member


Jeromie Williams is a dedicated professional with a background in military intelligence, specializing in data analysis and project management. He is passionate about leveraging his expertise to drive impactful change and foster collaboration in diverse environments. Outside of work, Jeromie enjoys watching movies and playing video games.

Brooke Haycock

Board Member

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Re-Engagement Specialist at Baltimore City Public Schools and long-time Corner Team member.


Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice

Corner Team, Inc. is dedicated to cultivating and advancing the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in all that we are and all that we do. We approach our responsibility to address the disproportionate impact of systemic oppression within Baltimore City and society at large through a  Mind, Body, Community approach that centers programming around the uniqueness of each member, and the collaborative process of building one’s “corner” -- connecting members and the wider community we serve to resources, experiences, people, and skills development needed to support successful futures.

Corner Team, Inc. also recognizes that to build a more equitable future, we must value, prioritize, and center those voices closest to the issues. Corner Team, Inc.’s value of teamwork and collective decision-making is our first step to centering and incorporating the voices of our community/stakeholders in organizational priorities, our culture, the ways we communicate, our partnerships/collaborations, our programs, and the processes through which we hold each other accountable.



Our Story
The Vision is clear: building strong minds, bodies, and communities creates champions for life--leaders inspiring positive change.

Corner Team, Inc. is organized around the longstanding and successful tradition of community sports programs that address holistic well being at the neighborhood level to shape Champions for Life! Engagement in any sports activity provides opportunities for social interaction and skill-building within diverse settings. Sports foster pride and increase self-esteem. Sports teach leadership  and discipline, and support physical, mental, and social fitness. Through sports, Corner Team, Inc. connects our Champions to local resources, mentors, academic tutoring, economic opportunities, and healthy living strategies that grow tomorrow's leaders and inspire the change we want to see for all. 


Founded in 2015 by Professional Boxer, and former Ghanaian, National Champion Michael Gbenga as Corner Team Boxing, we are realizing a greater mission that incorporates sports, community engagement, and social innovation. The new Corner Team, Inc has also expanded our mission beyond a focus on youth to include programs that engage senior citizens and people with disabilities populations typically overlooked by organized sports programs but equally in need of the benefits that come from active participation in them.

Why are we called the "Corner Team"?

Corner Team was selected as the name for the small, start-up community-boxing program founded by Professional Boxer Michael Gbenga, from which this organization was born. In the sport of boxing, a fighter’s Corner Team serves as the eyes and ears of the fighter, providing strategy, support, and solid decision-making to ensure that a fighter comes out of his/her bout, a Champion.


The symbolism of the Corner Team’s role translates nicely into the mission and vision for Corner Team, Inc. We are here to use sports to engage, build strong minds, bodies, and communities—to ensure that everyone receives the support, tools, and care needed to successfully compete in all challenges faced in life.

What does it mean to be a Corner Team Champion for life?

Everyone who walks through our doors or engages with Corner Team, Inc. are Champions and members of the team! We are inspired by our Champions’ continued pursuit of greatness and support their pursuit through programs and strategic partnerships. In return, we expect our Champions to maintain a level of greatness that allows them to succeed at any challenge they face and in so doing, inspire their families, peers, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Our Corner Team Champions exhibit confidence that they can excel in anything they choose to take on because:

  1. Our Champions are successful in school, in their studies, and carry a thirst for life-long learning

  2. Our Champions make informed and positive decisions about their health and holistic well being

  3. Our Champions serve as positive leaders among their peers and within their communities.

Who is part of the Corner Team?

The Corner Team is made up of more than our Champions and organization staff. The Corner Team consists of the entire network of support that ensures the success of our Champions and our programs—our families and friends, our volunteers, community partners, financial donors, and city officials. The Corner Team consists of our neighbors who come out to cheer us on when we pass through the streets, celebrate with us at our events, and reach out to our Champions to let them know that they are proud of their accomplishments!



Corner Team, Inc. is located in the Midway/Coldstream neighborhood between Loch Raven Blvd. and Harford Road. Our home features a professional boxing ring, boxing equipment, cardio equipment, and plenty of space for aspiring boxers and fitness enthusiasts alike to push themselves. Beyond our athletic amenities, our facility is designed for mind, body, and community growth. We have a classroom for educational sessions, a fully-equipped computer lab for skill development, and the Joe Gans Memorial Library, honoring the legacy of the legendary boxer.

Corner Team, Inc. sits on several major bus lines. Ample street parking is available.


Reports & Financials

Corner Team, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in the state of Maryland.


2023 Annual Report







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