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Our Club, 1101 E. 25th Street

We Are More Than Boxing And Fitness!


Welcome to Corner Team Boxing & Fitness Club, a program of Corner Team, Inc. Here we strive to build a safe space that promotes strong minds, strong bodies, and a strong communities. Beyond boxing and fitness our club has dedicated classrooms and volunteers that support our after school and lifelong learning programs. Our club has meeting space for community members and organizations addressing local concerns. Finally, our club welcomes new opportunities through collabroative partnerships to bring resources, new ideas, and people to our surrounding neeighborhoods. Corner Team Boxing & Fitness Club is indeed a space for all! 

For our atheletes and exercisers at all levels, the 4,500+ square foot gym has everything you need whether you're already an amateur/professional fighter, want to become one, or are just looking to stay in shape. Our group classes and private training at Corner Team Boxing & Fitness focus on sound boxing fundamentals, solid cardio-conditioning, and stretching. Members jump rope, shadow box, circuit train, work various bags, and do one-on-one pad work. Our activities are designed to work your entire body while honing your boxing skills in the ring. As an official member of USA Boxing, we are also authorized for sparring. In order to spar in the ring with other boxers or trainers you must register with USA Boxing as an amateur or professional fighter. You may select "Corner Team Boxing & Fitness" as your home club.


Our Head Trainer, Coach Michael Gbenga


Michael Gbenga, founding member and current board member of Corner Team, Inc. oversees the boxing and fitness programs at Corner Team Boxing & Fitness Club. As a certified USA Boxing Coach and professional boxer of over 20 years, Coach Gbenga trains professional and amateur athletes and those wanting to get in shape or simply try something new.


Membership Rates

To utilize Corner Team Boxing and Fitness facilities on an open basis, we offer a range of memberships that may be purchased month-to-month or on an annual basis at discounted rates. Corner Team Boxing & Fitness Club is a nonprofit program. Your membership fee directly funds Corner Team, Inc.'s operations and the many free and reduced programsoffered. We thank you for supporting our mission and organization. Welcome to the Team!

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Welcome to the Team! As a member you have access to the gym facilities during open gym hours and access to all Corner Team classes. Your membership is renewed every month automatically. You may cancel your membership at any time.


Welcome to the Team! As a member you have access to the gym facilities during open gym hours and access to all Corner Team classes. Your membership is renewed automatically every month for a 12-month period. You may cancel your membership by providing a 30-day notice sent by email to

Adult (18 - 64)
Senior (65+)
University Student
Teen (13 - 17)
Child (8 -12)
Adult (18 - 64)
Senior (65+)
Day Pass/Class Pass
Non-Members are welcome to Utilize The Club for the day and/or join any corner team class (subject to Availability & Space)
Personal Training (Individual)
Work one-on-one with a personal trainer to get in shape, hone your boxing skills, and more. You and your trainer will work together to build a program that works best for you!
Personal Training (Group, up t0 5 people)
don't do it alone! spread the word and share the opportunity to get in shape or hone your boxing skills. build a program that meets everyone's goals.
Personal Training (Group, 5+ people)
Grab your friends or co-workers and make it a big group thing! Work with your trainer to build a one-time class or reoccurring class that meets everyone's Goals.

Facility Rental

Corner Team Boxing & Fitness has four spaces available for rent and an additional, gated outdoor space that may be utilized as event space or parking. There is plenty of street parking along E. 25th and Robb streets for guests. Please contact us with inquiries about space rental. Nonprofits and other community groups within a two-mile radius of Corner Team Boxing & Fitness receive priority consideration for space rental.


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