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 J oin The Team!

Make A Positive Impact On The Future Of Our City Through Corner Team, Inc.

Corner Team, Inc. is seeking creative and inspired professionals, innovators, movers & shakers, and those who have a passion for community to join our team! Our Board of Directors consists of a diverse body of incredibly talented  people who are committed to building a healthy and inclusive community realizing its full potential and inspiring positive change. Please consider sharing your talents through our organization as we work to build strong minds, bodies, and communities.

To begin the process of becoming a Board member, please fill out the application below. You may also download the application and email it along with supporting documentation to

  • What are the time requirements and other expectations for those wishing to serve on the Board?
    We expect each of our Board members to use their talents, expertise, and oversight to ensure that Corner Team, Inc. is productively fulfilling its mission. Our Board members are the organization's biggest advocates and we rely on them to lead the organization towards a sustainable and successful future. Currently our Board meets once a month for 2 hours and those serving on committees spend some additional hours each month fulfilling those responsibilities.
  • What are the term limits for Board members?
    Each Board member serves for a period of two (2) years with the option of seeking re-election for up to two additional terms.
  • What is the proccess for joining the Board of Directors?
    If you are interested in joining our team as a Board member, please fill out the New Board Member Application and submit it along with your resume and three references. A member of our Governance committee will contact you after we receive your application and plan a time to chat. Once it is mutually determined that the Corner Team, Inc. Board is a good fit, a Board member will officially nominate you for a vote to the Board of Directors. Typically, new Board members are voted onto the Board at the beginning of each year. Exceptions are made when there is a vacancy on the Board of Directors.
  • Are there other ways to be involved if I can't commit to serving on the Board of Directors?
    For sure! If you cannot commit the time required for serving on the Board of Directors, please consider volunteering your talents and the time you do have to supporting our programs. There is always a need for program volunteers, financial sponsors, and Organization Advisors. Please get in touch and we will partner with you to find the most beneficial way you can make an impact!
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